Is BigCoin the next fraud?

by emanuellahorland

Cryptocurrencies are getting more and more popular and everybody knows about them. However, not only real virtual money companies exist. Many fake companies and websites are trying to take advantage of the cryptocurrency popularity, aiming only to take their clients’ money.

Big Coin seems to be the next big fraud. I have reasons to be doubtful about the good intentions of this currency. If you take a minute to carefully look at the facts, you will see that there is something wrong.

BigCoin has a facebook page containing photos from the company’s event. This event seems to be VIP but no professional photographer was hired for the occasion. Isn’t that strange? Imagine the Oscars being photographed with mobile phones instead of professional cameras. That was the first fact that made me doubt. If you have a BMW to take photos in front of, you must have $500 or $1000 for a professional photographer.

Strangely, the facebook page of BigCoin has less than 300 likes (at the moment this text is being written). According to the photos from the before mentioned event there must have been at least 300 guests attending. Even small start-up companies in the USA have more likes of their facebook pages when they ask their friends and relatives to support them.

As a cryptocurrency fan I decided to research more profoundly the subject and I checked their domain. Although their domains were registered last November ïn one of their websites they call themselves “the future of the cryptocurrencies”. It was even more interesting to find out that the BigCoin domain was registered on behalf of Domain Privacy Group or If you are not well acquainted with this subject, I will tell you – this is a service used to hide the real owner of the domain. It is used by suspicious websites in order to hide who is standing behind them. Would you use the services of a bank which hides its contacts, email or address? I would consider it a certain type of fraud. Well, it is not about a bank, but it is about money. And doing business with anonymous websites registered just a few months ago, is more than strange, isn’t it?

But I dug even deeper into the subject. I visited their other website This website proudly announces that it is “Powered by Amazon, Google” and has the logos of the two companies. But what does it mean? Nothing! Using Google or Amazon services (which can’t be proved by the users) doesn’t mean that the two brands are supporting the websites. On the contrary – most likely the two companies don’t know that their logos are positioned this way in the website. The aim of this move is clear: to make and BigCoin look legitimate and credible to the users. However to every sensible person it has the contrary effect – every next step is taking them to the idea of spam, fraud, multilevel marketing and financial pyramid. I don’t say they definitely are but you have to be an idiot to give your money to a website that looks so suspicious.

In the end, what would you say for the BigCoin name? Doesn’t it sound like the name of another popular cryptocurrency – bitcoin? The difference between the two is only one letter which reminds of the well known Chinese tricks, when a product’s name is close to a famous brand’s name.

I hope BigCoin are not fraudsters who want to get away with your money but the more I research them, the more I’m convinced that it’s a pyramid company whose aim is to make its owners richer with the money of its clients. I hope I’m wrong.